Pay for sitter ( MIL)


Okay so I got a job opportunity that I'm interested in taking, it's good money and decent hrs

19$ hr



No weekends

No holidays


I currently work as a cna at 16$ you go in for 8hrs and get stuck on 16hr shifts. This happens very often as they're understaffed, 1 weekend and 4 holidays required, its all day on my feet and heavy lifting and with alot of covid exposure.

So I want to take the job, my mil had offered to help watch my. 2 boys (3yr,3m) we want to pay her even though she doesn't want us to. But we Also want me to be working to be worth it. My husband would switch to overnights and I would work morning. So my mil would watch the boys from 7am till 1ishh while my husband sleeps. Then my husband would take over. My boys sleep in till 9/ 10 am . I should also mention that if she doesn't see the kids 2x a week we get an earful as she has no other grandkids and doesn't work.

That's 5hr a day 4days a week ( my husband has Mondays off. ) so any suggestions on pay $$$