Visions/Premonitions - what is this and why me?

Strange request but I’ve longed for answers for years and as this progresses I don’t know how to tackle it but to keep it simple: it’s about supernatural experiences with spirits and visions and how one is to manage these whilst staying within their faith, below explains the occurrences and validations I’ve had on it since I was about 2 years old.

I keep having visions of events, since I was a child. Things very specific, dates, times, deaths, births, sickness, world events (I had many premonitions of a pneumonia like sickness spreading amongst the globe three months before Covid was discovered). As a child I saw a dead relative who asked me to help convey a message, I held her hand and couldn’t reach the hall light so asked her to turn it on and she got brighter, I woke my mother up told her that my friend wanted me to tell her something and when she looked at me confused and our landline rang (this was the 90s) and it was a call from family in Jamaica saying my great grandma had passed away and the woman I described to my mother was just like her and I confirmed this years later when looking through family albums.

Lately I feel this “ability” getting more frequent, more accurate in the things I’m receiving and it scares me as one Ive had recently is of my brother being murdered and he had someone try and almost succeed to kill him recently and the lifestyle he lives makes anything possible sadly.

I’ve tried to read about this but it’s all occult things and I don’t want to dabble in that stuff, I’ve watched Ed and Lorraine Warren / the catholic couple who were the true stories behind films like annabelle and conjuring, they helped expel evil entities and pass on human spirits but always used God in their work and brought many people closer to God who had no faith before. I saw the death of my friends baby before he was born and he passed at one month old, I saw my god daughters birth three years before she was born, I’ve seen pets who have passed away physically present in the room and showing that they are healthy now and able to run around and be playful when their sickness never allowed for it and I’ve also seen not so good things, one attachment I had for YEARS was horrible and when I was in a dream being tormented I screamed and demanded that it show it’s true identity in the name of God and it did, this creature had skin that was like looking at a corn cob the way it had grooves that were uniform yet scattered, a long face and horn like appendages. Last year I watched a documentary on people who had similar experiences and one man drew the creature he saw which was exactly the thing that revealed itself to me, I felt extremely validated that I knew this wasn’t coincidence. The people in the shows with these experiences have the same blood group and I did an Eldon card blood group test and mine is the exact same, one woman even had the same legal first name as me and I’ve never met or known anyone else with my name.

I’m not sure how this kind of thing is to be tackled as a Christian, I feel like it’s a blessing and curse, I can’t switch it off like a light as much as I wish I could. Sometimes I want to tell the people about the visions I have that involve them coming to harm but I don’t want to scare them and then the same thing I saw happens and I feel bad thinking I could’ve warned them and things might’ve been different but I’m just between a rock and a hard place with it all.