**Update, getting along with family (or not)

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**We did not attend.**

Maybe hating and excluding family members is normal in the way my cousins were raised but my mum and dad taught me better than that and I do not need or want family members like that.

My other cousin offered a refund for the house we hired out 1 month ago and that is what really got me thinking these people are not my cousins, aunt or family.

Side note: we asked for the refund the other day and she did not give it, her excuse the rest of us were still invited and she gets nothing out of it. Lol it was never about the refund for me. But this is how they think it's ok for us to spend our money on their life choices and take time off work for nothing really (just their life choices) but they must have something in return. (Even though the bride decides to uninvite FAMILY who did nothing to her with no consideration for anyone but herself & last minute too. My sister never even did anything to her. She was always cordial, civil and nice to her and all of them. We all were in fact we went above and beyond because they are family well no more. Lol so done with these so called family members. Eff of.

My cousin has now disinvited my sister and her family to her wedding which was a destination wedding. It is in 1 month. We booked a house and everything. Last night we went out for her and got her a gift and wished her well as we can't make it to the hens. Now after we were waiting for a taxi My sister lit up a smoke (cigarette tobacco legal stuff u buy from shop) and My cousin said "oh u still smoke, u must be a good mum" I was confused by this comment but anyway we went home. After that My sister messaged her asking what did she mean and now she has really blown the thing up and said My sister is negative energy she believes my sister doesn't wish her well and didn't know if she wants her at her wedding now etc then my cousin has messaged me and my mum saying they are not on good terms and she would still love it if we came to her hens and wedding and hopes it doesn't affect our relationships. For me it does affect it I don't get it and I don't understand how it comes to this and getting my mum involved and we went out for her of course we wish her well but now I don't feel comfortable going to her wedding or hens. Did anyone go through this? I think it's very petty as we are family and if u don't want us at your wedding fine but don't try and make it out for us to be against my sister. Is this bridezilla diva-ism or is it something else. Honestly it is so upsetting

Thank you all for taking the time out to answer. It is much appreciated πŸ’•πŸŒ»