Is it ever okay for your husbanc to call you a lousy housewife?

So my husband just yelled this at me. He said I don’t do shit and don’t pull my weight. I don’t work anymore... I was a teacher for 17 years. I stopped teaching so we could start a family. So needless to say I went from lesson planning and grading papers to staying at home. It was a huge change. I work on cleaning the house every day. Some things I do weekly are:

I do the dishes, dust, do all the laundry including putting his away, take out the trash and recycling and put them out when they come, clean the bathrooms, take care of our two dogs (just got a 17 week old puppy because he wanted one) pick up and clean up after them daily, play with the dogs, make the bed..... just somethings I do. Why in the world would he say I’m not pulling my weight or contributing. His words can be very hurtful and disrespectful.

Just curious if I’m being sensitive. I would never say this to my partner as it’s very hurtful and mean! There is no excuse to speak to your spouse like this. It’s verbally abusive in my eyes.

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