So disappointing



WE ARE PREGNANT!!! We actually conceived last cycle and now I am praying to stick and have a healthy pregnancy.

According to Glow I am 5 weeks today(4/10/21) and due in December 2021. I am overly excited 😆🤗☺😊.

Here is my short story:

We just started for TTC#3. Our first TTC was in Feb 2018 resulted in a ectopic pregnancy and one of my tubes were removed. We started for TTC#2 and by July 2018 we were finally pregnant with our son who is 3 now. Last month started for TTC#3 and everything seemed on track and AF was 4 days passed due with crazy symptoms. I tested from 5 days before until 3 days late with all negative but I tried to keep some hope until I started spotting yesterday.

I am scared of having another ectopic pregnancy which means I would probably lose my last tube but WE ARE LEAVING OUR FAITH IN GODS HANDS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN... I forgot have nerve racking this can be. Shower us in baby dust cuz I can't take this thriller ride

I will be 37 in November and my fiancé and I both have outside adult kids besides our little precious little boy