Husband dips into my savings

My husband has two jobs and with those two jobs combined, he makes over $25 an hour. I have one job and make $12 an hour. Without skipping a beat, he will say “I have no money, can I use x amount of money to pay a bill?” It makes me mad because I pay all my bills and than I split the rest of the money I have and I put half in my savings and half in my checking. And each time he asks for money, it takes a fee from my savings and I’ve told him multiple times that “my savings isn’t to use when you can’t pay a bill” he just doesn’t listen. Right now he owes me over $345 that he swears he will pay me back. His account is also in overdraft each time he gets paid.

Edited to add: we both have separate accounts and a joint account but according to him, he isn’t putting his direct deposits from his job on our joint account because it’s his personal money.