First go at IVF


Hello All.

So I’m new to the group, I didn’t realise there was a specific support group. I think it’s great.

A little bit about me...I’ve been TTC for over 5 years now, which is why we have decided to go down the ICSI route. Everything is fine with me according to the tests and my husband has a low and slow sperm. So really hoping this is our chance and time. So in the last 6/8 months, my twin has fallen pregnant (she wasn’t trying) my brother and his fiancé had their little boy, and my cousin has just fallen pregnant (she wasn’t trying). So this has been such lovely news for my family but I am struggling now and I just know I am ready for a baby.

I am currently on 7th stim injection. I’m finding them harder than the other injections. The pen doesn’t seem to “click” if you know what I mean?! And I seem to be bruising a lot more. Fingers crossed everything is on the right track. I have my day 10 scan on Friday with the hope of doing the trigger on Sat/Sun for retrieval on Monday.