Infiltration of uterine tubes


Dear sisters,

Pardon me if I sound off a bit or so down, but I have been thru a lot and I really need your help.

I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help, advise or even if there is a Dr that can explain more.

I am a 37 YO lady, at beginning of February I had my AF and was painful as f***, Drs recommended to be hospitalized since it might be appendicitis and should be monitored till investigation is done, after 4 days and a lot of struggle they decided that it’s is an inflammation on my right ovary and it will go with the antibiotics I have been taking during my hospital stay.

I was waiting for my <a href="">IVF</a> appointment with the same hospital but obviously different section which happened to be 2nd March (exactly 1 month after of me being hospitalized) the Dr called me , asked routine questions for my fertility assessment and straight he said:” we have to tie your tubes, I order to do an <a href="">IVF</a>” as I am concerned I asked why? And is it a temporary one of definite? So he mentioned no mam it should be definite so he registered an appointment request to the surgery ward without explaining further.

My husband knowing that was devastated and seen how I was crying hysterically he filed a complaint and asked to change the Dr.

Which they did and this time the lady who called me, said without investigation that the MRI that was done a month ago shows that I have “Infiltration of uterine tubes” and it will always kill any pregnancy if it happens and she doubts that I can get pregnant naturally since my tubes should be damages and can’t move the eggs where it should be.

It is the answer that I never thought I would have or face at all, I had an HSG back in may and all was ok.

-I am so confused and I can’t decide whether I should go ahead and tie my tubes?

- shall I visit more doctors to get a convincing answer?

- Any one of you went thru this?

- Is so did you get pregnant?

- Was there any risk after?

- what would be your advise especially I do believe that what Drs says always can be override by Gods decisions and I don’t want to miss my chances getting where I want naturally.

- is there any treatments or natural remedies or vitamins that can help?

Sorry for writing so much but this is all my thoughts at the time and still looking for answers