Problems with OB


Yesterday, I was visiting out of state. I'm only 32 weeks so thought I would be fine. I ended up with a stomach bug yesterday that had me vomiting everything I tried to drink (I couldn't eat at all). The severe dehydration caused painful, consistent contractions. I ended up going to the local hospital where I was.

I left a message for the on call doctor at my own ob office, letting them know I was experiencing preterm labor and that I was out of state, headed to the hospital.

I ended up getting fluids and nausea medicine and sent home to rest.

My own ob office never called me back. Not yesterday, and not today. However, the ob from out of state called first thing this morning to make sure I was still ok.

Why would my own OB office not care that a woman who was only 32 weeks might have been in labor?

I had problems with them my last pregnancy, too. I was bleeding quite a bit at 12 weeks and passing big clots. I thought it was the baby I was passing. I left message after message with the office and they never called me back then, either. I switched to my old OB because my insurance at the time allowed it.

This time, it is not an option for me to switch OBs.

Im seriously considering just riding out the next 8 weeks without going back to them. If I have problems or go into labor, I'll simply go to the er out of town again.

What do you ladies suggest I do???

My current ob office seems to focus more on their "med spa" (botox, fat wrapping, etc.) than the medical patients.

Im so lost and worried! I haven't gotten the care at this place that I've had at my previous ob.