Do you have a Tic Disorder

I just got a really bad tic attack 4 hours in the middle of the night and i don’t know anyone personally who have a tic disorder and i often feel alone. just wonder who else here has one. if you do for the fun of it ( although i know it is the least fun thing in the world) list how many tics your have, how bad your condition is, your favorite, and least favorite. plz no hate! (just want to warn for those of you who do have it and get triggered easily at the mention of it dont read on i don’t want to hurt you) i’ll go first i have over 20 tics (5 constantly), a moderate case, my least favorite is this one were i roll my eyes back really far (it hurts a lot) and my favorite or most manageable is my vocal tic where i make the sound of a popping bubble! i just hope to make us feel more connected

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