Should I do it?

Today I came home from school and this boy named Andy walked me home as usual. I’ve been feeling a certain way about Andy but he is 16 and I’m 13. Should I have a crush on him or am I just over thinking? Today we stopped by his house and he asked me “ if your parents let you do you wanna come over to my house? “ I said “ maybe but I’ll have to ask” then he seemed he did not want to leave me, he stopped me 5 or 6 times before his father came out side to see who he was “yelling/loud talking to. He told me his grandma was feeling well is now out of the hospital, he was talking about squirrels eating the walnuts off the tree, that there was a black cat, even to show me fake chickens in the neighbors lawn?!?! Andy had study hall in the lunch room and sat right beside me he said “ uhhh uhh hi Leah!! “ I kept catching him looking at me and would not say another word. He walked me to my next class and OPENED DOORS FOR ME!! and when to his class ( his class is UP stairs ) then we walked to our bus TOGETHER and sat on the bus.. I can sit here and talk about this for ever.. but anyway please respond thanks!!