Argument with my sister, am I in the wrong?

Yesterday I had this argument with my sister, completely out of the blue and no reason for it really. But would really like to hear your views on it.

So she’s had this boyfriend for 3 years who which I may add has no desire for any future with her, barely talks to her and never pays attention to her. They are both 22 years old, I am 25. She was moaning about him constantly yesterday and to be honest it’s hard seeing my little sister so upset when I know she deserves better. So I told her that she deserved better than him, my god did I regret saying a thing. She lashed out at me throwing a load of stuff in my face shouting at the top of her lungs at me. And to be honest I had enough of her attitude lately, where she’s the baby of the family she gets everything she wants and takes it for granted everytime, if something doesn’t go her way everyone knows about it. So I told her some home truths, she throw stuff in my face that had nothing to do with her and something that she had no right in mentioning. We called each other names and all sorts.

Also to mention this guy she’s with doesn’t do anything for her and she spoils the hell out of him. Gets him anything she wants, she pays for their meals out and everything. They both work, he gets paid more than her. And for her birthday all he got her was a £25 gift voucher for a sports shop that she never shops in (which I think was a present to him for his birthday from someone else and he just gave it to her instead) she spent over £400 on him for his birthday.

When I say that he doesn’t desire any future with her, I mean he’s told her he doesn’t want to live with her, get married or have kids. And at the start of their relationship he was all over her and she wasn’t really that bothered but now it’s switched. She loves him but I don’t think he cares much for her.

Am I just being stupid or something? Was this my fault?

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