ring gender test

brooke • girl mama💗💗

just for fun-

so I’ve been seeing the ring gender test go around and it was right for my first and every time I’ve done it I get the same results every time😳 it says I’m having a girl again this time, and my next pregnancy I’ll have boy/girl twins. this baby will be my last baby😂 but has anyone done this and it’s been right? I found it crazy it said boy/girl twins for my next. It would be crazy if it predicted this baby’s gender too, just like it did with my first. The way I’ve always been told is you trace your hand from pinky to thumb and then thumb to pinky again, then hold it over your hand, and if it goes back and forth it means girl and circles mean boy. If you do it over your stomach I read circles mean girl and back and forth means boy. Either way I get the same results every time. Kinda freaky! It’s been right for a lot of people I know too.