How tell if your UTI has gone?

Not expecting to get many replies here but anything will help! And honestly don’t know where to post this so sorry if it’s in the wrong place.

I realised I had quite a minor UTI on Sunday, minor in the sense that I only had 1 or 2 common symptoms, not minor in the pain lol. But I decided to treat it at home instead of going to the doctors for antibiotics as I didn’t feel it was necessary and want to avoid giving doctors extra work at the min. Anyway, I’ve been drinking tonnes and tonnes of water, squash, juice etc just to keep me hydrated and flush it out.

On Sunday the pain when I went to pee was quite severe, just burning when the pee finished (TMI, sorry). On Monday, the pain was still noticeable, but much improved, and I didn’t feel the need to take a painkiller. Tuesday and today the pain has been unnoticeable. I think the UTI has gone, but was just wondering how I’ll be able to tell? I’m still drinking loads of water to be on the safe side, but want to know when it’s safe to go back to normal, or to start having sex again.

I feel completely fine but just don’t want to risk anything. Anyone who can help please do!