Tests say 5weeks pregant but I had my heavy period 10days ago


I am extremely confused and currently I believe all I thought I knew about pregnancy was completely false!

I had my most recent period on 22/Feb - 28Feb (prior to this , my last period was around 22/Jan - 25/Jan). Just like normal , my February period was heavy like every other periods with blood clots and all. It lasted for same number of days as my prior periods and it started on my normal regular period date, so my period was not late.

Shocker - I started feeling funny cramps and very soar breast days BEFORE my period and I decide to do various pregnancy tests AFTER my period. And Behold: pregnancy tests indicate I am at least 4-5weeks pregnant according to clear blue.

How the hell can I be 5weeks pregnant when I had a full blown period (MIND YOU - this was not “spotting”. It was a proper period) only 10days ago?!!

I am not even sure this is a miscarriage because I have feeling some heavy “ovulation” like cramps and back ache and very tired.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to do some scan.

But I would like to hear from you all, if you experienced something similar before