Husband never wants to move out!!

Hello all,

I am currently 17w pregnant with our 2nd child. We have a 2 year old & live with his parents. My son has his own room, but I’m ready for us to have our own space.

He’s persistent on staying in the same town (population maybe 1500), so there really aren’t much options around to choose from!

We have a coworker who will let us rent a house he owns for very cheap or have the option to buy our own.

He refuses to go to either one bc “he should feel 100%” on a house we live in.

We have been living together in the same hour with his parents for 7 YEARS.

Got married & STILL LIVE HERE.

How can I get him to move, to want to move, to want to be on our own with OUR FAMILY.

It’s draining to want so much for our family, but not feel like he wants it either..

Please no negative comments, need some advice if you’ve been in the same boat or what you would do in this situation.

Thank you!