Kickstarting dogs appetite

Guys OK my vet is not being the most super helpful. They're just telling me well as long as he's eating SOMETHING every day he's doing fine.

My dog had a splenectomy on Thursday. The recovery has been hell. They didn't give me enough painkillers but say he should be fine. Luckily my one other dog is on chronic pain medication so I've had something to give him. Because he's not eating, and on antibiotics, he's always feeling sick. Because he's always feeling sick, he's not eating and he threw up twice tonight.

I gave him ginger yesterday which helped a lot I think (it was the last of the ginger and thought if he started eating yesterday he'd be fine today). Yesterday he ate two pieces of pork, two pieces of ham and some peanut butter on bread.

He only ate two pieces of pork today and it's past bedtime. He is drinking water fine and using the bathroom as normal. Tomorrow morning I will go get more ginger.

What nice meat can I get for him that he might like? Pork seems to be a winner... Some sausage maybe? He didn't want chicken on Monday, turned his nose up at beef and fish.