Partners and helping with the kids

Danielle • Mom of 3👼🏻 and one beautiful baby boy 💙 married to my best friend

Maybe it’s just me and my situation, but why is it difficult to understand that the mom needs sleep? Like you get to sleep all night and then fuck off during the day because the baby is already being taken care of. “you got to him first so I’m gonna go play my computer game.” It’s not like musical chairs, just because I am closer doesn’t mean that I get all the baby duties. The response to “I am exhausted” is “get some sleep” well maybe I would if you weren’t playing your god damn game all day/evening. Someone has to care for our infant. Oh and while I’m taking care of our child I have to make sure I drink a gallon of fricking water and eating healthy to make milk for our infant. I get so resentful of my spouse. Sometimes I just want him to go away. On top of it all he gets an extra month of paternity leave than I do. What the actual fuck is that shit?!