Is IUI a waste of time and money ?

My fiancé and I have been trying ever since our 1st chemical pregnancy in feb of 2019 it will be our first child... that being said all my blood work seemed to come back great and my tubes are open all done at a fertility clinic, with that being said 99% sure I have endometriosis with severe pelvic pain before my period that will last until my period comes... not every single month the pain will come but 9out of 10 times it does and it’s horrible. Now I really don’t want to have surgery as it really won’t help the chances and push everything back further (my fertility doctor even said this) theres just nothing you can prevent from endo coming back. I’ve just heard some people it would be a waste of time to do the <a href="">iui</a> if you have it. I mean everyone is different and some it may work but I’m just nervous and scared and our insurance does not cover anything it would be 1145 every time we do an <a href="">iui</a>... how many rounds would you personally do before moving on? This would be our 1st round