The middle of the night sex??? 😍


Has anyone ever just woken up in the middle of the night and have really good sex with your SO?? My husband has done it to me before but I’ve never done it to him..... until TONIGHT! And omg 😱 it was so good!!! He went from snoring to “oh wow babe”. Then when we were done he was like “I don’t know what’s gotten into you these last few days but I kind of like it”. I am LITERALLY shaking. My hands are trembling, I can’t even get my underwear back on.

I am not an adventurous person AT ALL but I am trying to do new things for my man. I know it’s a downer because I literally just had a baby less than 6mos ago and my body is so ugly but I want him to still love my body. He says “the way I look at you is you just had my baby and I love this body for that reason.” Its so hard for me to feel sexy but I am so trying for him!! We even have date night car sex planned for tomorrow. (I know planned sex.. but we have a little and getting time in otherwise is hard.) Needless to say, I am extremely nervous for numerous reasons. I’m not a rule breaker and although I want to be adventurous and try new things; I also want to just stay in bed for our sexy time.

UPDATE: so car sex didn’t happen because he decided to push it off and then we got into an argument about how he’s mad at my brother and his family for not coming to our wedding. All because my brother invited us to their son’s graduation party out of state. 😞🙃