Need some advice trying to conceive after miscarriage

I had a baby at 39 soon after getting married. Then when we were ready to try for our second baby, I had a heartbreaking early miscarriage at almost 6 weeks. it's been 10 months after my miscarriage last May and I feel so hopeless about my chances. Im taking CO Q10 and a prenatal but this focus on having sex during the fertile window is very hard for my husband who said he "feels like he has to perform.' Now during the last 2 months when my opk turned positive he couldn't or wouldn't have sex saying it was too much. Then he asks if we were successful when we only had sex 2-3 times early in my fertile week. He also doesn't want to listen why it matters to try during the entire fertile window (such as every other day.) Please help! Anyone else have a husband or partner who wants a baby (but doesn't have a high sex drive?) I feel like I'm doing this solo and ready to give up.