Insecure: Spent a good 5 mins last night balling my eyes out 🤰🏻

Last night I went to use the bathroom and decided to take of my clothes and see how my chest and back acne scars were healing and I didn't realise JUST HOW BAD THEY WERE. My back acne is more than moderate but not severe. Every day I just feel less confident and less beautiful bare in mind I was once as confident as a person could come.

Pregnancy hormones aren't any help it's made me break out all over my neck which I've never had before and now from chin/jaw down to my waist is completely covered in acne scars 😭😭

So before bed at 2AM I told myself after my anatomy scan tomorrow (Friday) I will do my hair, dress in something nice and wear some makeup, cook my self a good meal (hubby can look after himself that day) and iverally just take out time for self appreciation and self love 🥺