Do I need to up my flange size ?

I use a breast pump week days while I work. Last Friday I used my pump like normal. Yesterday morning I used my pump and I made literally like a drop of milk? I kept trying to readjust the pump to make sure it’s on right bc ive never had that issue.

I don’t think it’s a supply issue, my baby nurses constantly and nothing has changed in our feedings lately, and pump has been just fine for months.

Later I pumped again and made a bit more. I’m pumping again now and barely making much. Usually I make a ton of milk right in the beginning, but it was barely dripping after minutes, so I feel like there’s milk in there, it’s just not coming out lol.

I’m wondering if my pump flange is too small now? I was noticing the other day my nipples seem bigger than I remembered, but was thinking I just didn’t notice before. But now that I’m having issues pumping I’m wondering if that is the problem. Do you think it’s possible over the weekend my size changed and I need to up my flange size?


Thank you everyone! I just had new pump parts arrive so will need to try them out tomorrow! Thanks!