My mom tears me down more than my brother

Hi everyone. So I know when tempers flare u can be mad at your mother but I just notice how it takes time for my mom to blow up on my brother than me. Well all my life I had to hear my mom talk about my dad being nothing and how much she despises him and my brother (we have two different dads) she doesn’t attack his dad like mine. All my life I had to hear your selfish just like your fuckin dad ALL THE TIME or “You look just like your fuckin dad!”Remind you my brother is selfish but it doesn’t matter because he’s a guy and he helps pay her rent! Also my mom would critic my cleaning and if she comes over my house she would notice water on the sink she would critic me. Remind you my mom had my brother at a young age she never went to college and she had me at the age of 30. Well I’m 27 I’ve finished school got my bachelors degree soon to get my masters degree. And I got to live my 20s traveling & living my life child free ( there’s nothing wrong with having a kid at that age) but I’m living opposite of her when she was my age. And I accomplished and still having to hear her say “at your age I took life seriously and I had a kid your child free and your still complaining about bills etc” it’s annoying and it breaks my spirit lots of times but I remain strong against the verbal lash I get also when it comes to My mom sees to show me off when it’s comes to looks or making me be the pretty child or showing off my success. That’s when she’s happy to brag about my looks or success but other than that it’s backlash over small hurts me a lot