Need advice please

Okay this is longish story. I know this probably isn't the right place but..My husband and i were out of work due to covid last year he got his job back about a month ago. I just started back up last week (i was on maternity leave) we have 3 babies 4, 2 and 3 months old. We still managed to pay all of our rent except $350 well now our landlord is demanding we get it to him by next week or we will be evicted. We don't have the $350 we have absolutely nothing after all of our other bills including rent. He was understanding at the beginning of the pandemic but now all of a sudden he is wanting it back. I would also like to add that gis property manager is Terrible everytime we needed something the 4 years we were here he was impossible to get a hold of we fixed everything here! Out of our pockets! Well anyways I'm wondering if he is aloud to evict us now if we can't pay the $350 we are seriously afraid to be on the streets with our 3 babies. Does anyone know anything?