HelpHelWhere’s the line between snitching and keeping your head down...

My school has a VERY competitive business program. ~6% acceptance rate. I run an Econ discord server (teacher knows and is okay) where we do homeworks together and help each other. I found out about another study group (maybe about 10-30 ppl) who are planning to share answers on the exam...

-the class is curved

-this exam is worth about 30% of our grade

-it’s a very competitive class

-I’m doing about average in it

-I only have one name (the organizer) for the group. Maybe could get a few others. They would probably get everybody eventually

-My school is notoriously tough and might expel these students

Do I snitch or keep my head down?? I really don’t know what I should do. If they get caught out I’m definitely high on the list of suspects for who told. If all these people do really well on the exam, it’ll seriously hurt the rest of us (curve is really tough). Class is about 500 ppl in total.

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