Extreme period pain

I’ve had bad periods since I turned 15 (now 21). But between the ages of 10-15 I never had any symptoms I just bled.

Anyway I am always crying from, being sick from pain, fainting and having really heavy periods- going through soooo many pads and tampons. Clots that are the as big as the palm of my hand sometimes (I know that’s not too unusual). Generally my periods last 2.5 weeks but my dr put me on birth control so they do only last a week but the symptoms have not changed at all- still heavy, still fainting and crying etc.

Ive had ultrasounds and a smear and they all came back normal. My dr just said to stay on birth control but I don’t feel like I’m being listened to.

I need someone to be honest, am I being dramatic, is it time to accept I have bad periods and that’s it.

My periods are very regular as well so that seems to rule out a lot of conditions.

If I am being a massive drama queen (it’s ok I can take it lol) then can you offer any advice at all?!