I'm done

My husband woke up this morning deciding that he wants to move back home and work for his uncle that lives 10 hours away from my family after us visiting with his family over the weekend. Which I already lived there with him and his family and none of us got along so we moved back to my hometown and I told him I'm not moving back there and leaving my family again to be with his because that isn't fair the only way I'd move is if it was halfway between both to be fair. Well he says he doesn't know what he wants anymore and that he will move down there by himself mind you i am 5 months pregnant and this is our first child and he's gonna leave us both behind because his family is apparently more important when we could just move halfway between both.. but now I know where it all stands and im thankful because now I know that I will be on my own and ill do whatever it takes to take care of my son. Pray for me during this time to help me get through I'll definitely need it