Letrozol and a test


Hey y’all. I found out I’m not ovulating every month. I have the cm that the doc said is great and consistent with ovulation but my levels were low and I never got a positive ovulation test. When I start this next time I am supposed to call and let them know and I will be taking letrozol, then 3 days after that I am supposed to go in for a ultrasound and he is going to do some type test that pushed saline through and if it comes out of my tubes then we know they aren’t blocked. If it doesn’t we move on to an HSG. Anyone ever had anything like this? I’m currently 1 day late and scared to test since my progesterone levels were so low. My mind plays tricks and makes me think well maybe you ovulated late? Idk🤷‍♀️ what do y’all think?