Sad relationship

So I work 9am to 6pm at home and I have my kids with me while working. It was my weekend off this past one & all I wanted to do was go to the gym. My husband also works but he gives me NO credit for taking care of our kids while working not that I need it cause that’s my job but he has it a lot easier. I pay 70% of everything.

He gave me an attitude bout leaving bc he says I don’t text him back as fast as my girl friends. Which is bullshit. So I had a breakdown and started crying. I tried talking to him how I was feeling down and he proceeded to tell me he doesn’t care. I said yo it really doesn’t seem like you don’t like me. I said If you don’t just say that. So he says I don’t are you happy? I said okay. He then tells me all I am is “another thottie” & tells me to go kill myself. When I left he texted me and said I wouldn’t want you to kill you self I guess I was just mad. Then asks me if I am hungry and want food. No I don’t want anything at this point.. this is a consistent thing and now I just feel dumb for ever going back n forth with somebody who talks this low to me cause they’re “mad”. & for anybody’s info in case you’re wondering he was mad that I was upset. He said so he acted mad to get back at me but I was truly upset not just being petty. And he stayed home and said he wasn’t doing shit for Memorial Day so I left. He also said if I kept

Crying he would slap me in my face...

I can’t do this but I have nowhere to go until my lease is up. I don’t get how somebody can claim they love you and then say such awful things and THEN be nice to you like nothing happened cause all them mean words stayed in my mind 😔