WTF Aquadoula


So my husband and I had our home appointment last week where our midwife came to our house and brought the birth pool. She was saying that we should wait until I’m in labor to set it up, but y’know, nesting. I went to set it up, and it’s basically coming apart, and the liner has very obviously not been cleaned since the last time it was used... aka someone else’s blood is ALL over it! I immediately grabbed rubbing alcohol and paper towels to start cleaning it, but my husband and my mom yelled at me to stop touching someone else’s blood. We have a plastic liner to put on top of it while I’m in labor, but what the fuck! My husband is really questioning using the tub for a water birth at this point (I’m not 100% committed to a water birth, but part of why I wanted a home birth was to have the option), so this is really frustrating! Should I call my midwife and insist she cleans it?! Should I just clean it?! This is fucked up - so glad I trusted my gut and got into it before I’m in labor 😩