help me pls

Londa🦄💜🥺 • boy girl mom💙💜

i normally have a 31 day cycle , but yesterday i started spotting very light only when i wipped only happend one time which was only day 30 so it was a day early but how ever i thought it was my period coming on so today im thinking im gonna wake up to a full blown period but nope so i woke up around 8am no real bleeding went back to slp woke up at 11 and i peed and blood came with it TMI sorry so i put a pad on thinking this fs a period but the bleeding stopped im bone dry nomore blood or pink discharge like at all i peed and blood came out again but that was it so all together i spotted 3 times very lightly once yesterday twice today thats it im and yes i had unprotected sex around ovulation 😫 this has never happened before no im not on birth control or tried anything different btw