Went to my husband's job and caught him in the back

My husband works at his brothers restaurant. His brothers girlfriend told me she notices my husband goes to the back of the restaurant for about 30 minutes and she doesn't know what he does back there. I asked him about that and he just said "Oh... Eh.. nothing." So I showed up there. His brother let's me walk through the kitchen. I asked where my husband is and someone said they don't know. So I went to the back of the room where his brothers girlfriend says he disappears too and I find him in this little corner... With a giant container of salsa and chips and eating it with a laddle. And he looks at me... And I look at him .. and he looks at me ... And I look at him... And before I say anything he says "Just let me be pathetic for 15 minutes fuck!" Well... At least I know he's not cheatingđŸ˜‚