No period


Hey ladies. I am honestly so confused right now. Period is 6 days late now and still no sign of AF only minor cramps but nothing compared to normal. I had bleeding/spotting may 13 which would have been when I was ovulating (cd17) so I assumed it may have been ovulation bleeding but I’ve never had it happen before.

I have tested a few times and thought I had a very faint positive, not an indent. When I looked at it later when I threw it away it had disappeared. I have since tested at 5 days late FMU and it was negative.

Now up to cycle day 38 which has not happened since I got my period back after first bub.

My emotions are all over the place and I’m really struggling. Anyone had similar being this late and negative, or faint lines disappearing?

If nothing comes by the weekend I will head to doctor but really don’t know what is going on. My periods have alway been on time, if not early.