Kinda sucks

I am completely aware that I am not the most important person in this world. No one owes me anything. Everyone struggles and has their own stuff going on.

With that said, I’m still a little hurt that I’m at my absolute lowest, barely hanging on and no one seems to notice. I’m not trying to advertise it but I feel myself changing. I feel like I don’t have a single person on my side. My husband loves me but I don’t think he truly understands how bad I’m feeling. I’m hurting so much. Things have never been so far from okay.

***I HAVE talked about how I feel. I just don’t bring it up every second of everyday. I try to be happy and go about things so I’m not constantly bothering everyone else.. I don’t want to be that person who only ever complains. The people I’m close to KNOW.. they just don’t seem to care. Ive told him but they don’t notice it. It feels like they’re just downplaying it. They don’t really respond when I do try. No one ever checks in. I go days without reaching out and I hear nothing in return.. idk***