Hello all,

I recently just went through a very dramatic ectopic pregnancy and I’m in such a weird place at the moment.

We found out we were pregnant April 10 and we’re thrilled. I had super light spotting and was told not to worry about it. I then developed a UTI so (because it was a weekend), did doc on demand and she gave me a pregnancy safe med. after taking it I started bleeding that night.. went to the hospital when I woke up to get checked out. I was between 5-6 wks according to my hcg levels, but they couldn’t see anything in my uterus. Told me to follow up with my dr because of a fluid filled sac on my ovary that could or couldn’t be the ectopic pregnancy. The next week, my dr confirmed my levels were rising, but not doubling, and I did in fact have an ectopic pregnancy. Because I was early, I had the double shot of methotrexate to stop everything. I spent 14.5 hrs in the hospital before getting the shot and was just done after that. I had mild side effects, but mostly okay after...

Well the very next week, I found out my levels were still going up. It only happens in about 20 ish percent of women so not a huge deal, went in to get my second round of the methotrexate. I started cramping really bad and bleeding while there. I actively started to miscarry at the end of my visit and through the weekend. I passed one huge blood clot and bled pretty heavily.

Roughly 5 days later, I sat down to eat after putting my daughter down for bed (busy day) and thought I had integration pains after. Well they got so intense I couldn’t get comfortable and the only way to describe where it was was inside my pelvis/vagina area. I waited about 6 hrs and called my dr office’s on call dr. She said to watch it, but it could be my uterus contracting back down... called again a few hrs later because the pain spread to my shoulders and she said come in. My dr is an hour away so by the time I got there it was 12 hrs since the first pain and I was told I needed surgery to remove my ruptured tube. She confirmed my levels were still rising and the tube was beyond repair. This put me in a 1% bracket after the two doses of methotrexate. I had a lot of internal bleeding and they couldn’t even find my ovary or tube on the ultrasounds because of it. I love my dr and trust her with my life (which is why I drive an hour to her), so I knew I’d be okay.

After all that, we found out the baby was still alive, but attached to my bowels in my pelvis.. obviously not viable, but he was still alive. It devastated me and really messed me up mentally.

My question is.. now what? I have such bad ptsd from the worst of the worse happening. I finally just started my first cycle a month later and it’s weird.. not like a normal one. I’m also aware we have to wait a little longer before trying, but has anyone had success with 1 tube and 2 ovaries? Will the ectopic happen again? I’m so scared of this happenings again, yet my urge to be pregnant and a mom are so incredibly strong. I guess I’m just looking for support and don’t know who to turn to.

Thanks I’m advance