Sippy cups!

Ashley 💙💙👼🏼👼🏼💖2020

So I need advice! Just was informed my daughter cannot come off formula when she turns a year old. They want her to stay on until 15 months (12 months adjusted) bc she just recently got on the growth chart at her 9 months check up, 3rd percentile. She was born 3 months early. She has zero

Interest in drinking anything out of her straw cup unless it’s water. What other kinds of cups are y’all using to get your babies to drink out of. Currently we are only drinking milk out of dr brown bottles with size 3 nipple but recently she went up to size 4 nipple. I only have 2 and I don’t want to go buy more. I would much rather her get use to drinking out of some sort of cup. She doesn’t ever “want” the bottle so I feel like if I could find a good cup

For her then I can get rid of the bottles no problem. I can’t figure out why water is the only thing she’ll drink out of the straw.