Should businesses resume 24-hour operation?


Since the Covid pandemic, many businesses like Walmart, McDonalds, 7-Eleven, Sonic, Kroger, Meijer, and others that used to operate 24 hours, shortened their hours to close at night and open early mornings.

A lot were upset and confused by this because it got rid of so many jobs, as well as crammed the stores and restaurants with people that all had to shop and do business at the same time. I know I used to love shopping in the middle of the night. Empty store. It was peaceful. But now no one can do that anymore, and they have to go during daylight hours where the stores are typically packed. (Makes you wonder how that is being Covid-safe? More hours = shoppers are more spread out).

Anyway, there are some articles around that seem to believe we may never go back to 24-hour business due to the way the pandemic has changed the way people shop and interact in public, as well as a lack of workers willing to take night positions which come with some added risk (drunk shoppers, robberies, etc).

What do you think? Should business resume on a 24 hour schedule or should stores and restaurants stay closed at night?

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