Am I making a big deal?

I understand that when someone is mad, it’s easy to say mean things. But there are some stuff you simply don’t say.

My bf and I were arguing through the phone. I mentioned how before he’d always mention me in his future. He used to say stuff like “when we live together we will do this and that” “when we have our own place I would like this and that”

Well he got mad saying I’m being too much. He said that he stopped saving money to get us a place. He said he doesn’t want that anymore. He said that if were to get married he can see us divorcing really quick. I hung up and I screamed at him. Screamed because it hurt someone can just say that.

He left me a voice message saying “you know I love you so much, sorry” I told him to leave me alone. Would you guys forgive this.

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