Coming out

I recently realized that I am bisexual after 10 years with my husband and 6 years married. I have no regrets i don't want to be with a woman just like I dont want to be with another man. My husband is the only person I've dated.

I have realized that I have been lying to myself as the ripples of my moms homophobia. She was constantly concerned that I was a lesbian and basically told me its not allowed.

Since I realized I'm bi its had the side effect of having more body confidence as I think I've not only been conditioned to hate my body but all women's bodies. Since my realization it really has suddenly changed my view overnight of women's bodies (including my own).

My problem is I don't see how it would make sense for me to come out as im in a loving straight passing relationship. Before the tiktok trend that was anti-trans i called myself "super straight" just meaning on the spectrum I was all the way to the straight side of the meter.

Thing is I dont have many lgbtq+ friends (2). Im not sure how to navigate these feelings and this confusion. Im 26, this is something that usually happens at 16. But at 16 I was newly in foster care after being homeless. I didnt have the mental state to contemplate I just needed to stay alive and safe.

Anyone have advice? I came out to my husband and one close queer friend. They were both supportive as they knew it didn't change anything