Second FET for end of August -Sept

Ashley • 36; #ivfsuccess 💙💓

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m 34. I have an 18 month old son from a fresh transfer (he was a 4 aa).

We are diagnosed male factor (variccoles). But I have suspected pcos but not enough for an official diagnosis and hypothyroidism and celiac. I’ve always had consistent cycles with short light periods.

I unfortunately just had a failed FET, confirmed yesterday. I have 3 embryos left. I was too confident this last round since the hardest part for us was getting pregnant and our son once pregnant smooth sailing.

Trying to decide if I should change things up. I had cut caffeine and alcohol a month prior to that FET. Not sure if I should go 💯 gluten free, I have celiac but gluten never made me sick if I didn’t overindulge.

Anyone make lifestyle adjustments for their <a href="">ivf</a> prep?