Would you find this annoying?

I have a 3 month old with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. My boyfriend has bipolar so he has to take meds at night that knock him out. So he says he can’t really help with the baby at night time, and since he has been taking them for years before I even got pregnant that I couldn’t really complain. But lately my son has been screaming more instead of just a normal, soft cry, and while my boyfriend can’t be awake enough to help at night, he wakes up enough to loudly grunt and yell at him. Saying “Jesus Christ” “oh my god” “dude”. I can’t really say much because I have done it a few times. But at least I actually got up. And it’s starting to really annoy me because I want to just tell him “if you’re going to be awake enough to do that, then you can help”. Tonight I had enough and told him “stop. He’s a baby. He’s not going to understand what you’re even saying, you’re just going to scare him”. I don’t say much when it’s during the day because he usually tells me he feels bad about me having to be up. But at night when it’s in the moment, it’s really frustrating

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