So happy for good news!!

Alyssa • 👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👶

After 3 years of TTC & 6 miscarriages, my husband & I started seeing a fertility doctor & started our first round of Timed Intercourse.

I took Femara/Letrozole on CD 5-9, & Wednesday was my follicular ultrasound. We were hoping for at least one follicle to measure at least 20 mm. At the ultrasound, I had one follicle measure 15 mm. So we scheduled another ultrasound for today (Friday), hoping it would grow to about 19 mm (because follicles grow about 1-2 mm per day).

I was just praying it would be about 19 mm. 😭

When I went in for my follow up ultrasound today, my follicle measured 21 mm!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! So tonight I’ll take my trigger shot!! I’m so happy that things are going well! I was so worried that something wouldn’t work in this process, but we’ve been so blessed. 🙌

We need all of the prayers/good vibes that everything continues to work & that this process results in a healthy pregnancy & live birth!!!

UPDATE: We got my husband’s semen analysis results today, & everything looks normal! 🎉🎉🎉