Tongue ties and lip ties and breastfeeding.


Just a post to encourage others to keep at it if you feel something isn't right.

My baby was struggling (shallow latch, fussy and choking on the boob, falling asleep after each bf session, rejecting bottles and pacis because they triggered her overactive gag reflex) as she nursed and chaffing one of my nipples for 6 whole weeks.

I saw lactation consultants, midwives, her pediatrician, even a chiropractor to get some answers but the most common feedback i got was that she was gaining weight perfectly, that it was probably a developmental thing she needed to acquire and that her body was a bit tense.

She had a side preference too so the chiropractor focused more on that as it seemed she was more comfortable sleeping and nursing on one side than the other.

I put all the observations from the different professionals together along with my own and came across ties. I then asked several of my friends with kids their experiences on it. I insisted that the pediatrician check her for them and he only found the more obvious lip one.

Then i took her to a pediatric dentist specializing in ties, who found that she had class 3 tongue, lip and buccal ties! Got the tongue and lip fixed the same day and noticed a big difference during the very next nursing session.

Now she seems happier and more comfortable and I'm so glad i kept investigating despite everyone telling me she was fine because she knew how to suck and was growing normally!