Finally sharing my birth story!!


My due date was July 17, 2021, but my baby boy decided to make his entrance into the world on June 26, 2021 at 37w exactly! I was watching basketball with my husband June 25 and bouncing on my exercise ball and I started having contractions. I just saw my ob that Monday on the 21st of June and she told me I was already dilated 2-3cm and she didn't think I would make it to the end of the week as I was losing my mucus plug consistently that week in pieces. I decided to eat and time my contractions as I didn't really believe I was going into labor, but once I got to the bottom of my stairs, my contractions got more close. I ate my food and went to the bathroom and was now losing my plug and having my bloody show! I called my ob and she told me to go to the hospital. I got there around midnight and they held me in triage for an hr and loaded me up on water (which I already was doing at home to see if my contractions stopped) and at 1am they checked me and I was at a 4cm stretching to 5, so they admitted me. My husband made the 45 minute drive to his grandparents house to drop off our 8 yr old with his mom and made it back as I was being admitted. I am now peeing every 3 minutes because of water overload and having contractions after every potty break! I labored unmedicated from 1am-8am. Bouncing on exercise balls and walking around my room, I was so exhausted and once my ob showed up, she asked me the question I did NOT want to hear....."would you like me to break your water? " UGH I really didn't as I also had to have my water broke with my daughter and it got so real after that, so I knew exactly what to expect, but I was already sooo exhausted, 8cm and ready to be done so I hesitantly said ok. As expected, I buried my head in the hospital bed with my butt in the air and labored another 40 minutes, pushed for 10 minutes, 3 pushes and at 8:56am June 26th, weighing 7lbs 4oz, 21 inches my baby boy💙 Aylen Ward 💙graced us with his presence!! He was healthy and did not want to cry lol just made a lot of grunting noises as he still does as he turns 1 month old today!! This was my second unmedicated birth and was 4 hours longer than my first although he came 6 days earlier than my daughter! I questioned whether I could handle it and my husband was amazed as he was in the hospital himself when I had our daughter so he was unable to attend her birth. It was so nice experiencing that with him and having his support with our son! Although our last baby (unless we hit the lottery) it was truly amazing, relieving, and bittersweet! Good luck to all the mommies waiting to meet their little ones! There truly is no better feeling in this world then looking at those tiny faces that we held in our wombs close to our hearts for months waiting to meet! ❤