Feeling hurt by my fiancé’s comments

He’s been busy with a work project and sometimes works until 2-3 am.

That happened yesterday night. I went to bed around 12:45-1 am and woke up today at noon which isn’t a common occurrence. I typically have been waking up at 10 am.

I get up and make a remark to my fiancé how late it is and how I cannot believe I slept that late. He asked when I went to bed and I said around 12:45. My fiancé then says that he’s not used to sleeping that late and he had been lately. That it can’t happen and that he’s guessing it’s a common occurrence for me. Tells me that because I woke up at 12 I spent what would be half a day sleeping.

I’m so hurt by his “I’m guessing it’s a common occurrence for you” comment. I mean I sleep until 10 weekdays but never later.