Anyone experience this with their first?


Im a FTM with a 4month old ANGEL of a baby. I’m 22 and so is my partner. Recently I left my job due to becoming a full time student come fall to advance in my field. That basically makes me a stay at home, full time mom as well. While my partner was AMAZING when we first came home from the hospital, taking care of both the baby and myself…recently he’s been slacking. I love my daughter tremendously but when she’s up at 6am and I’m up with her, all day with her, all the feedings and the diaper changes and the crying sessions because she tired but doesn’t want to sleep and now teething…and my partner doesn’t field any of it. He works from 10-7 daily so I understand he’s tired when he comes home, and he will warm a bottle in the morning when she wakes up to give to me so he can go back to sleep… but when he gets home in the evening it’d be nice to have a little break. So that I can destress a little bit as well and so that he can spend time with our daughter. Instead he plays video games and then spends time with our pups. I’ve brought it up to him multiple times that it hurts me and I shouldn’t have to ask him to do things with our daughter he should WANT to do them. He always responds with I know, I’m a shitty partner and a shitty father I’ll work on changing it. And I REALLY want it to but so far…nothing. I’m not saying he doesn’t do anything with her, but not much compared to what I do as a mommy. Any advice on how to make this work? I don’t want to leave him because I want my daughter to grow up with both parents in the home and I do truly love him…it’s just irritating.