Signs TTC

Does anyone believe in signs from the universe?

My husband and I have been trying for baby #2 for almost a year with two chemicals. This month there have been so many signs that maybe this is our month.

I had a dream that my daughter was meeting her baby sister, I've seen two rainbows this month, I accidentally picked up my husband's shirt that says "my wife is pregnant", a TV show (I was watching a few months ago) turned on and the first sentence was "you're pregnant". I've also had a 9 day "period" this month (bled for 3 days heavy then 6 days of light spotting where I didn't even need a pad but because of that I used ovulation tests for the first time in a few months) and my ovulation tests have been the darkest they've ever been. Maybe this is our month 🤞

Baby dust to everyone.