I’m in a complicated sexual situation with my friend

My friend and I have been having sex for about a year. And I caught feelings and he felt the same he was fighting his. It got to the point where I loved him but I didn’t know if he felt the same. Earlier this year we stopped for a week because he said didn’t want a relationship

Fast forward now we’re not talking. Things were going good but last week we got into an argument where misunderstood my words and thought I was talking about him but I wasn’t and when I explained it he said “I understand” then the next day we had sex

But after we had sex I noticed he wasn’t interested as before and he was dry. When I try to get him to talk to me to see what’s wrong and he broke things off. He said that I pressure and hurt him. When he better explain it, I didn’t realize that what I was doing sometimes in how I act hurt him, I just wanted his attention and time. So I had gave him a sincere apology. He claims he didn’t take advantage of me Friday but I feel so because we have a mutual a friend and she told me that when he talked to her he mentioned cutting me off the night before we had sex and she said he called me names like bipolar and aggressive.

I also had a fear that he felt something for her because he would tag her in everything, like all post, even put her on his snap. One time all three of us hung and he only post her. Then she had admitted he said made a comment regarding when she’s single she should hit him up. He doesn’t know I’m aware of this but I asked for an apology from him because I felt hurt by his actions and he didn’t give me one, he ignored it.

He says he doesn’t mind being friends but when I try to talk to him in a platonic way there’s little to no effort. He says he wants space. I’m trying to understand but it really hurts. Also while when we were talking about him giving being silent he said when we first started talking he said he loved me but he never told me so I didn’t know. Then he also said that I don’t know him and he doesn’t vent to people who’s he’s comfortable with