Miscarriage potential

Kaitlyn • 👧🏼👼🏻👶🏻

Hi. So I’m really scared I may be having a miscarriage. I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2 last Tuesday. Based off my period I am 5 weeks pregnant today. I had some light spotting of light pink blood with cramping and got nervous so I went to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t having a miscarriage. They didn’t really tell me yes or no. My hCG level was 104 and on the ultrasound they said that there “appears to be an early gestational sac but no fetal pole.” The doctor said that this is either a really early pregnancy or I’m starting to miscarry. I have to go get my hCG levels tested again tomorrow. Today I took another pregnancy test and now I’m paranoid that it looks like the line is getting lighter from my original test. Has anyone gone through something like this?